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Thread: [Saboteur] General Questions about Str, Dex, AP

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    Exclamation [Saboteur] General Questions about Str, Dex, AP

    I asked myself, because from my Pov there are no real infos out yet considering:

    How much do Sabo's benefit from Dex more than Str?

    And when it comes to weapon choice: Shall I pick a weapon with more DPS but with stats like "Parry" and "Str" over a lower DPS-one with regular dex,end,ap?

    Tho I hear my inner voice telling me "no, stick to dex, crit and ap"

    And how does all this increase the Dmg Output of us Sabo's? Our main-Dmg is Earth Dmg.

    I appreciate any hint!

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    dextery benefit dodge and criticals.
    Attack power increase marginally the damage of charges.
    do a test: detonate charges with and without any weapon slotted.
    what stat to go for? physical crit. then dodge. then dexterity. then AP.

    random stuff:

    -main damage of sabs come from charges being detonated. not from detonate skill, not from bombs, not from traps, not from weapons.
    -charges are either physical damage (blast, spike, shrapnel) or earth damage (ember etc)
    -physical damage is mitigated by armor.
    -earth damage is mitigated by earth resistence.
    -criticals rolls are done on the amount of charges planted before detonation, not per charge. hence ppl qqing.

    why blast charges are better than other charges?
    - because there's a skill that ignore up to 50% of target's armor.
    - because demo specialist skill allow you to use A bomb to detonate blast charges, while keeping the cps.
    - even with charge booster, the critical damage will be higher than if you plant 5 different charges.

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