I have a question for an experienced saboteur.

I have played a Rogue in beta to 33 and I have an alt Rogue now who just hit lvl 26. However I have had something happen a few times that I just cant figure out why or how it happened.

I was in a warfront at level 22 (no charge booster) and I was doing my usual thing, stacking charges, blowing them up, using adhesive bomb to slow down enemies etc. It was going well, my blast charge stacks detonated for around 800 (including det damage). Then one little mage ran by, I stacked charges, detonated and BAM 1200 damage with 1100 overkill. Yes it was a crit, but it hit for 1100 damage more than a normal crit.

On my warrior at 36 I was hit by a blast charge crit for 2600 when he was lvl 32. Normal damage was around 1800 for a max blast charge crit.

What is the cause of these massive, but rare, crits? Is there a bug that occasionally makes blast charge do massive damage? When you have 3200ish hp and get hit for close to 3k in one attack it totally makes it unhealable... I can udnerstand people complaining about that... but its RARE and in the firts instance, I stacked charges on the same mage to see if I could repeat it and though I didnt get another crit charge off on him, I hit for the damage I was expecting.

I know people have debuffs etc, but the damage difference from the same rogue stacking blast chargex5 on me and detting can be as much as 60% from one crit to the next, that just seems crazy.

By the way I did take a screenshot of when my rogue crit for that 2k+ at lvl 24, if people want proof I can mail it to someone and they can post it for everyone to see. I also want to once again say it was NOT normal for my rogue to crit that hard and even on the same player I could not replicate that high damage even using the same skill. I also want to say that yes, I do sometimes stack 5 different charges now I have charge booster, as that gives overall more damage, but even at 26 + booster, however Blast charge neds 1 crit check to cause ALL charges to crit whereas to get a big hit with the 5 diff charges needs 5 different checks = higher average damage, but much less spike.

TLR Sometimes my blast charge 5 stack crits on a guy for more than 2k... usually even on the same player it crits for 1400ish. does anyone know the cause of this disparity?