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Thread: I am disappoint.

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    Default I am disappoint.

    Blood Raptor can't hold aggro. Was hoping to be able to use this awesome guy solo.
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    Default Use him solo!

    I tried Ranger for a while and that being the case, of course I used the Blood Raptor aswell

    He's a DPS pet, kind of an upgraded, boosted version of the Wolf. This being the case, he will deal a good chunk of damage. I had him solo an equal level mob and he did it without any difficulties in the world, without me healing him ofcourse. You CAN use him for solo-leveling although it may not exactly be as convenient or easy as the boar. It may even be faster, though, if you do it correctly!

    You may want to use the pig for huge packs or in difficult areas, but for general-purpose leveling the Blood Raptor is just fine. Think about the pet you're using. He has no taunt so if you're dealing more damage than him you WILL get aggro. It's almost inevitable you WILL deal more damage than him too so there's the problem. But if the Raptor hits the target first, he may have aggro long enough for you to finish the mob without it ever reaching you. Now obviously having your Raptor charge in and then waiting would delay your DPS and therefore leveling for a while, so it's not preferable.
    But adapt to the situation. When you start your rotation, fire the shot that slows. Use your knockback shot from Marksman to gain more room, use your sprint to kite conveniently, and use your Aggro Transfer ability to give the raptor aggro anyways. Using ONE or TWO of these abilities for each pull will let you use them pretty much constantly, so you'll have no problem solo leveling with your Raptor at all. You may have to move a bit more than you're used to, but I think all-in-all, provided you put the extra work into your leveling required, It's faster than what using the Boar can pull through since youll still be dealing more DPS.

    I'm not sure exactly what's faster, but the Blood Raptor is definitely a VIABLE choice for leveling hands down, just manage your abilities in a smart way! Good luck :-)

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    Just got to 31 and realized this as well, it would have been nice to be able to use my 31pt pet in solo situations. But for now I won't be as I don't have the marksman KB. Not a good 31pt ability IMO.
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    Piggy = tank
    Wolf = PVP DPS (heal debuffs, AOE DR)
    Raptor = group PVE DPS (where a tank is not needed)

    If you like using a raptor in PVE, get a riftstalker/paladin/reaver/skeletal knight/earth ele friend first.

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