I was on my Sabo last night who at the time was only level 10 during an invasion of level 18 elites. I joined the raid group and low and behold, my blast charges were always sticking to them. I hit Detonate and it always hits as well. I use Fragmentation Grenade and not one thing gets hit by it. So I continue with BC and Det until FG comes off cooldown and try it again. Still all the BC hit and the Det hits but not FG. This leads to me to believe that BC does not follow the hit chance that most abilities follow. The tooltip does not state that it cannot miss so therefore the Devs meant for it to be able to miss. But for a level 10 to always hit a creature several levels higher, though not for much about 60 damage for the Finisher and 90 for the charges, is a little bit of a glitch. This could also be a reason for all of the PvP complaining that goes on considering a charge always sticks to them.