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Thread: I don't really get Saboteur.

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    Default I don't really get Saboteur.

    I want to, I tried it out for two or three WFs and then switched back to Ranger because I was just getting confused. I felt as if I had to have been doing something wrong, and I just didn't feel like figuring it out at the time. Are there any guides to the basics of playing Sab? What charges should you use? There are so many different ones it seems like some have to be redundant or useless, I can't imagine using all of them. What do you do when someone focuses on you? It seems like you can't do much in a 1 on 1 fight.

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    Sabs are not much of a 1 v 1 toe to toe type of class. The most common charges in wf's is blast and concussive. Sabs are all about being in the back ground and being unnoticed. If a warrior or even another rogue targets u, all u can do is retreat and hope u get away. But basically u need amble time to set up before u can even attack. I usually like go start by dropping my land mines as a safety move, it knocks pol back. Then u are ready to start stacking charges. 4 blast and 1 concussive is a good idea for healers or just straight blast charges. Pay attention to ppl dispelling ur charges or u will do no damage. Then throw ur bombs and try to assist ppl and one ur target is around half HP use ur annihilation bomb and detonate simotaniusly to burst them down. If they survive u can follow up with frag bombs but ur really no good until u stack ur charges again, and often times a heal sill get them back up.

    This was written on an iPad in my MGMT class so if there are typos I apologize and the format might suck haha but i hope that clears up the basics.

    Don't forget ur adhesive and chem bombs either.. And ur single greatest cleric killer is ur gas bomb if u follow it with adhesive.

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    Sabs are literally Direct Damage finishers. They have very little power and defense. They can do aoe damage, single target damage, and pull lots of aggro, they're really good for trapping and letting others do the majority damage so they can let loose and finish the job withen a safe time and distance.

    They're a support class.
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