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Thread: Anyone else use MM/Sin/Sab?

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    Default Anyone else use MM/Sin/Sab?

    I know they changed/nerfed the synergry with MM/Sin but I am still using the set up.

    Let me start by saying I cannot stand pet classes, so I don't want to switch out Sin for Beast but I haven't seen anyone else with my set up (on server). Am I doing something completely wrong? I normally kill the mobs right when they get to me (start with slow bomb) and if they have life left I can puncture then a swift shoot and a final blow, game over.

    I know Sab isn't the greatest paired with MM but I figured i was really only going to use it for a few passives. So, how off track am I?

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    I use MM/NB/Sabo myself, and like it very much. Also if you can get over your pet aversion, MM/nb/ranger is a fantastic spec. I use that for PvE role, and MM/NB/Sabo for PvP. The pet holds aggro fantastically, and at lower levels Headshot is a fantastic finisher if you've pulled aggro from your pet or managed to get some adds. I can regularly and easily kill 3 mobs of equal level in PvE with MM/NB/Ranger role. Getting more than 1 add without a pet soul used to kill me, 90 times out of 100. Or, I'd have to run away.

    But to answer your question, I don't think you're way off at all. I prefer nightblade over assassin, but that's just me.


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