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Thread: its normal to have what appears to be duplicate abilities?

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    Default its normal to have what appears to be duplicate abilities?

    i have noticed i took nightlbade and bard but am focusing on bard.

    bard has a finisher and so does nightblade early on. i have basically "removed" the nightblade finisher completely from my action bars as it seems redundent and i want to focus on mainly bard skills.

    is this normal? i can just see ALOT of abilities like this due to the forced multiclassing going on here.

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    Yes it is normal as each soul can be self sufficient, when you use a second/third soul this soul(s) is (are) meant to complement your primary. So choose your point distribution wisely on your non-primary. Done correctly and you can achive some nice synergy effects.

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    Usually basic skill are the same for different souls of the same rule.
    All melee rogue souls have a basic attack and a finisher.
    Usually one is better of another for some little differences.
    basic Bladedancer attack is very similar to basic Riftstalker and do same damage BUT if you use Bladedancer's attack you can then use another skill that do more damage.
    Assassins basic attack and finisher do more damage than Riftstalker but have no side effects like Riftstalker's.

    In my bars I have no room for Riftstalker's basic attack but i seldom use Bladedancer's finisher.

    Be carefull not to stop your observations on Rift Builders! improving your skills from trainer can change some mediocre skill to very good ones!

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    Yeah, there definitely will be some overlap, but it's not something to worry about. With how many abilities you'll end up getting, you'll be glad for the opportunity to take some off. It doesn't seem to affect creativity though... despite some abilities being the same, more or less, you can still create some very fun and unique builds.

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