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Thread: Mostly Solo play

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    Default Mostly Solo play

    Hi have made this build with focus on solo play, but still viable in grp.

    Kinda split focus on both PVP and also PVE


    Marksman for the DPS
    Ranger for Pet
    Riftwalker for a bit more armor and endurance.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or comments?

    PS: English is not main language so sorry bout all bad grammar and spelling.

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    for solo PvE purposes, you can probably loose repelling shot improved repelling shot from marksman. You are using the pet to control enemies.

    With those 3 points, grab Killer instinct in Marksman tree.

    Id also be looking for a way to work Improved Quickshot and Rain of Arrows into ranger.

    Enduring can be lost from ranger too IMO.

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    You'll want at least 24 in ranger if you want a tank pet above lvl 30. (which you do in this case)
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