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Thread: How is ranged DPS?

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    Default How is ranged DPS?

    Basically I am just wondering if for PvE it would be better to put more points in ranger and then some in marksmen and then maybe go with nightblade or something for the third soul. Or should you put more points into marksmen with ranger secondary! If anyone knows anything I would love help!

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    its really good if you know where to put your points, right now i am MM/Ranger/Sab and i am loving it, pet takes aggro and you just launch missile after missile deadeye shot is the best one ever at low levels for marksman

    absolutley love it

    i give ranged dps an 8 out of 10

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    Ranged dps is still fine dispite changes made from beta to launch.

    Alot of people seem to run Ranger and Marksman together.

    Personally, im going to try first up purely for PvE purposes:

    All out ranger gives the dps pets some very very solid output, and makes them ignore ~95% of AE damage.

    I take blademaster for some extra hit chance thats lost from dropping Marksman, and Blade Finesse (+50% autoattack damage) works on both ranged and melee attacks. With Ranger maxed, you have Doubleshot, 50% of autoattacks will trigger an additional shot. So these two combined over longer fights should provide a easy innate dps boost.

    Throw in nightblade for combo generator bonuses and we're set.

    Things i am considering include:
    * Is the 15% to combo generators a greater benefit than an extra 5% crit from assasin?
    * Is the +50% autoattack bonus in blademaster greater benefit than 15% bonus to finishers in Nightblade?
    * Use your pets wisely. Dont forget to throw heals in occasionally. Use the raptor for AE dps, the wolf for single target.

    I diddnt like the fact that the combination of Ranger and Marksman as many do left me with so many ranged attacks that dont get used. While its nice to have so many instant cast combo builders, it really becomes overkill.

    If you dont like pet classes much, then by all means go Marksman, theres alot of nice abilities there, but the marksman tree itself just diddnt appeal to me when the sum of its parts were compared to the Ranger.

    Marksman is about disabling the target, keeping distance. Stick and move. Kill them before they reach you.

    Ranger is about letting the pet bear the burden, and taking it down from distance while the mob is distracted by your pet.

    IMO Marksman would be a much greater choice than Ranger for PvP just by nature of speed enhancements available, and higher direct damage due to the absence of the pet.

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