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Thread: DPS do you get it?

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    Default DPS do you get it?

    Not meant to be about doing the most dps. Meant to be about playing uniquely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWilly View Post
    Not meant to be about doing the most dps. Meant to be about playing uniquely.
    Theres that but theres also a huge misconception about DPS because people don't understand there are actually two major types of DPS output in MMORPG's

    Substained and Burst.

    Some classes will have both.
    Sometimes a class will excel at one and suck at the other; its an important distinction.

    It makes balancing tricky too. Because a class that lacks burst might think they have no damage and are useless but in fact their substained DPS could be the highest in raids so uping their burst might make them OP but leaving them alone might make it tough for them in pvp. Substained usually doesnt matter as much in PVP ; but its really important in pve ; and vice versa for burst dps.

    Theres all kind of types of damage as well.

    Some will scale better with gear than other types.
    Some ignores armour ; some use less mana/energy/ downtime etc.

    from looking at how DPS classes stood in beta. Melee rogues and mages seem to be intended for top substained DPS at endgame-- thats just a guess from looking at tool tips though; MM/sabs seem to provide more burst.
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