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Thread: Better Rogue Levelling Build?

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    Default Better Rogue Levelling Build?

    I played a Bard/Ranger/Sin in beta, and it was a perfectly safe PVE levelling build, the ranger 0pt pet could hold anything while the bard songs did healing and damage.

    But it seemed a little slow.

    What is, in your opinion, the most efficient PVE rogue setup to level with, ie, not a 30 point build or 66 pt build, but what path would you take up the rogue trees for most effecient levelling, PVP/WF not a consideration.

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    I haven't played any class that I thought was slow, though any build with self-healing seemed almost impossible to kill (questing of course).

    Assuming you aren't one of these guys obsessing over "end game" and expecting to be there in the next 24 hours, I think your problem might be that you aren't doing rifts.

    I skipped everything I could in the last beta with my shaman, because I couldn't stand the idea of doing all of the linear quests over again, and I was happy that I did. I ran up to the rifts and killed things while moving from rift to rift.

    There are plenty of free guides online--you seem to have read the one that gave you your build.

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    I ran through beta with a bard/ranger/MM build till 20, this is what it looked like at that point:
    I enjoyed it and it seemed to speed up quite a bit, open with piercing shot, follow with cadence, a quick shot and finish with concussive blast/coda of wrath then cadence/quick shot as needed for healing or killing, seemed to go quick and rifts where lots of fun, I even had some success in the 10-19 warfronts, this will definitely be one of my back-up solo builds if my riftstalker/assassin one doesn't work out.

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