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Thread: BD passive talents boost to melee only? Or melee AND ranged?

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    Default BD passive talents boost to melee only? Or melee AND ranged?

    One of the first things I thought of when browsing the rogue trees in the beta was stacking up the passive bonuses from Bladedancer to enhance the ranged attacks of ranger/MM. The tooltips are somewhat vague in alot of instances.

    Does anyone know if talents from the BD tree that enhance things such as crit or auto attack damage apply only to melee?

    It doesn't seem as cut and dry as you might first think. You could assume that its melee only since it is a soul designed for melee combat. But I'm sure Trion is aware of the possibilities of strange soul combinations as well.

    Would be nice to have more detailed tooltips or an official word on this.
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    In Beta 5 things like Blade Finesse and Ambidexterity did, indeed, influence ranged damage as well. I haven't played anything later than that, but I see no reason why that would change. I was in the process of testing out Combat Expertise, as that wasn't seeming to benefit ranged at all but I know some were thinking it might have been a bug.

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    You should realise that Attack Power doesn't boost autoattacks. By level 50, autoattacks will be pretty much useless (that's what I expect anyway) so you might want to avoid that talent.
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