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Thread: Yet Another Sabo Build Thread...

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    Default Yet Another Sabo Build Thread...

    So! Critique my builds. I figure this one: 30Sab/23Ass/13NB is my pure PUG playing with a bunch of scrubs make one target DIE spec.

    But then there is this one, 39Sab/17RS/10NB which is much more defensively inclined. Good for possibly running around in enemy territory, or when I know I am likely to get targeted out of the pack.

    But then my third which I would probably use in more of a guild group or premade PVP, simply because I can then use utility and expect people to know what they're doing: 51Sab/13NB/2BD

    Thoughts? Rants? Tell me how completely and utterly horrid they are? Which would you suggest running with? (After all, one does need room to run a tank role, and a bard/support role. That leaves me room for a pure pvp role, and a pure pve DPS role, in theory.)

    I like the 51 Sab build, but I wonder how much I end up losing from Assassin. The better stealth, the extra damage.. but I gain some decent utility. (And I very much love Last Stand. A "If I'm going down, I sure as hell am taking you with me", sort of attitude.)

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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    I'll go through each of them.


    1. You miss out on Land Mines - which, if you're going to survive solo could be a good damage/CC tool. It comes highly recommended to me from my guild mate who played a 50 rogue in alpha.
    2. You don't have any points into Combat Survival, and since you don't have Infiltrator has one of your souls, you might need the reduced CC duration.
    3. Demolition Specialist/Carpet bombing - probably not necessary, but might be worth putting points into at least Carpet bombing so you can throw down your sticky bomb with no cooldown to help keep your distance. Putting 1 point into Demo Specialist will also let you detonate your charges with Anni bomb, which could provide some extra burst.


    1. I don't really think the Residual Shrapnel talent is super worth it - that little DoT is probably not going to kill anyone, but I haven't been able to test it out, so maybe it's better than I think it is. I think Time Bomb would be a better choice just to add a little extra burst to your rotation.
    2. I think if you're going to invest that many points in RS it's worth it to grab Ruthless Stalker for the extra 15% crit after Phase Shifting.


    I like this build, and am definitely going to try out a 51Sab build at some point ;) I might pick up Infiltrator instead of BD, but with only 2 points it doesn't matter much.
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