* Dire Wolf, Blood Raptor: Damage reduced.
* Shadow Fire: Damage reduced.
* Splinter Shot: Damage reduced.

* Swift Shot: Damage reduced.
* Empowered Shot: Damage reduced.
* Deadeye Shot: Damage reduced.
* Strafe: Damage reduced.
* Hasted Shot: Damage reduced.
* Marksmanís Pedestal: Damage bonus has been increased from 5% to 10%.
* Sniperís Pedestal: Damage bonus has been increased from 25% to 30%.

If this is real, im wondering why splinter shot was nerfed. Bard Motif of Regen could outheal it, PvP wise it didnt really "hurt" as a shot. In PvE, and correct me if Im wrong, any cast that takes longer then autoshot time, your losing DPS on if its not greater then a insta shot + auto.

Archer damage didnt seem like it needed adjustments down at all. Looks like a PvP change, as they want our top damage coming from standing still, but given the deadzone on a class that has to move, was there really a issue with damage?