PvP is my thing. I built this class up to excel at Player Versus Player combat. Keep that in mind as you read through and critique the build. I played AoC for a shot time after I quit WoW (for a lack of interesting PvP) while I waited for WAR to come out. The name escapes me, but I ended up playing some ranger class that has stealth. I absolutely loved it. When WAR turned out to be a flop, I went back to WoW, playing a balance druid. Ranged stealth was my ideal play style. When I heard about RIFT's intuitive class system, I immediately started working on my class. After hundreds of variations, this is what I've come up with. The only thing I'm debating on now, what classes and talents do I pick up first as I level. =P

How The Build Works:
Play it like you'd play a Marksman. Max range at all times, using your bow to range down enemies. The Asssassin and Nightblade specs give a lot of passives. Something like 37% more damage, tons of utility, weapon enchants, and of course, permanent stealth!

An In Depth Look At The Manliest Class in RIFT:
(M) 15% more damage on your primary abilities [Single Minded Focus]
(M) Crits increase your AP by 20% [Increased Fire Power]
(M) 16% armor penetration [Penetrating Shots]
(M) 20% chance to deal air dmg based on weap dmg* [Master Archer]
(M) 5% increased damage [Marksman's Pedestal]
(A) 5% more crit [Ruthlessness]
(A) 4% increased physical damage [Murderous Intent]
(A) Crits proc a bleed based on weapon dmg [Serrated Blades]
(A) Crits increase your damage by 10% [Cruel Vengeance]
(A) 20% increased critical hit damage [Magnify Pain]
(A) More dmg from physical attacks and bleeds (does not break stealth) [Expose Weakness]
(A) 5% increased critical hit chance & proc deals damage** [Lethal Poison]
(N) 15% increased damage on combo point generating abilities (almost everything?) [Blazing Fury]
(N) 15% increased damage on finishers [Coup de Grace]
(N) 9% more damage on your non-physical attacks (weapon enchants) [Unstable State]
(N) 3% increased damage [Fire and Death Attunement]
(N) 5% increased damage & proc deals damage** [Melted Skin]
(N) 30% increased damage on finishers (random proc, not active at all times) [Heat Retention]
* - Does more damage than poisons
** - Ideal weapon enchants if you have a pocket healer. Otherwise, use Leeching over Leathal.

Crowd Control:
(M) 5 Second Root [Static Shot]
(M) Hard hitting bleed whenever the target moves (semi-conditional) [Barbed Shot]
(M) Knockback [Repelling Shot]
(A) Blind [Blinding Powder]
(A) 4 sec stun [Foul Play]
(A) Melee range sap* [Incapacitate]
(A) 70% melee ranged snare [Malicious Strike]
(A) 4 sec stun opener (highly conditional, Dark Malady will be the preferred opener) [Paralyzing Strike]
(N) 50% ranged snare [Improved Twilight Force]
(N) Ranged stun that breaks on dmg [Dark Containment]
(N) 2 second disorient opener (highly conditional, Dark Malady.....) [Ebon Terror]
(N) Ranged sap* [Lost Hope]
* - You can have two targets sapped at once. Awesomeness.

(M) up to 45% speed increase from dmg abilities [Swift Shot & Hasted Shot]
(M) 70% sprint that removes roots and snares for 5sec [On the Double]
(A) Permanent stealth [Improved Stealth]
(A) No penalty for stealthing [Silent Footsteps]
(A) Extra stealth protection [Elusiveness]
(A) Proc self heal (conditional) [Leeching Poison]
(N) 80% damage reduction for 8 seconds (omg awesome?) [Twilight Shelter]

Needless to say, I've fallen in love with this build. I can't think of any way to improve upon it. A Marskman with super damage and tons of CC+Utility. I also believe this spec will be able to pull massive amounts of DPS in high-end PvE content. The only downside is a possible gear dependency on crit.

Any suggestions? Comments? Link your Marksman builds as well! I want to see what everyone else is doing!!