I hate doing this, I really do. Every game is different, but I am having a lot of trouble deciding which class I like better, and I had very limited play time in the last beta.

It is mainly between Rogue and Mage, specifically Bard and Dominator.

In DAoC I played a Bard as my main on Mordred, and absolutely loved it. I loved being able to just run around and CC people. My #1 job was initial mezz, twisting songs, CC and interupts. You have a crazy amount of responsibility but it feels like you don't have any.. if that makes sense. I have always loved a support role..

I also played a Cleric, and I loved to be able to heal. I got sick of rolling in groups where the heals were incompetent, so I made my own and never loooked back. I have never been a huge fan of DPS, but I found in BG's for WOW that if you didn't play DPS nobody died, so I rolled a Frost Mage to play alongside my Resto Druid.

My question to you guys is, which class is the most similar to a Bard from DAOC in RIFT? I love the fact that Bards in RIFT get these crazy buffs, but their CC is very limited. On the flip side they get good heals and decent DPS... so soloing in BG's wont mean I have to depend on everyone else to the dmg.

Flip side, Dominators have a crazy amount of CC. But.. I have read about decursing, does this totally negate your CC abilities? Is it something that is spammable? Timed? Cool downs? Casted?

Obviously it cant totally negate it or the class would be useless.. but I have to imagine that the PVP souls have some type of Purge ability..

The other flip side is that I have no interest in playing any other Rogue classes, so my re roll possibilities on the Bard are very, very limited. But as far as the mage goes, many other classes interest me so I could see myself playing around with those souls a lot more.

Final question: Is a Chloro/Dominator hybrid feasible? Like a 32/32 split? Again, I play around with the soul builder but actually being able to play it in game is another thing entirely.

Thanks in advance.