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Thread: How bad was the MM nerf?

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    Default How bad was the MM nerf?

    I have only been able to play in the beta and I will agree that the MM needed to be toned down some. Over the life of my MMO playing time my experience has been when the nerf bat hits they usually over correct.

    So the MM had each of their first four attack abilities decreased (ss,es,hs,ds) and of course the big one everyone was complaining about strafe.

    The question is how much did they decrease the damage? Are we talking 5%, 10%, 20% more? I have seen some posts that say with the pedestal they are still doing less than before so that would imply that it was more than 10% since they increased the pedastal damage from 5% to 10% (I hope that is the pedestal they are talking about I would hate for it to be the sniper one at 25%)

    So the question is did they just take out the "I win" combo with BE Strafe, rinse repeat or did they damage the class where we have to rely on range to even be viable now?

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    Unless an alpha tester out there wants to tell us, I don't think we'll know till head start tomorrow.

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