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Thread: Bleed damage question

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    Default Bleed damage question

    Does the dot effect of bleed damage effect get mitigated by armor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenkenFlux View Post
    Does the dot effect of bleed damage effect get mitigated by armor?
    Going according to the basics without testing; we have not been able to test it on live yet so we don't know, unless a wonderful mod gives us an answer....Stats And Gearing Section of the all in one thread shows:

    Reduces: Damage

    * 1pt = 0.017% Reduction in all Damage
    So with that in mind I would have to say yes.

    Other things need to be taken in to account though; debuffs, spec, soul, weapon affects etc. That's where the testing will come in to play.

    Edit: Abilities have to be counted carefully though, puncture completely ignores armor for instance. Based on tooltips I would have to say bleeds from serrated blades would be affted by armor mitigation where as puncture would not.
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