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Thread: Ranger pvp spec.

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    Default Ranger pvp spec.

    Okay so i wanna go ranger/marksman/infiltrator i didnt get higher then like level 18 or 17 in beta, but from seeing the expertise and hearing what people said i hear the dire wolf is best for pvp right? In that case i will not need to get a blood raptor, any thoughts on what i should get?

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    Well if ur looking for the 51point talent ability 'feral aggression', you would have to get blood raptor anyway. When ur lvl 50 I dont know how the raptor will compare to the dire wolf in dps, but when you spec into 'master huntsman' the dire wolf gets a healing debuff (30% for 10secs every maul) which could be more beneficial in pvp. Just experiment with what works for you while your leveling.
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