I haven't seen many bladedancer specs on the rogue forums and want to make sure that the mighty BD is represented. Like a lot of people, i started off beta 7 trying out MM, AS, and NB main builds respectively and toward the end of beta decided id give BD a try, despite the fact that the tree seemed a bit lackluster.

After learning the soul a bit i have to say i was pleasantly surprised with the results. BDs put out very respectable damage and when it starts dodging attacks the dps goes through the roof.

Even though i only got to the higher 20s in beta i really think the below build will be a beast in world and WF pvp


Assassin gives you unlimited stealth plus a great opener and dps boost from paralyzing strike and cloak and dagger off the bat and once the prey recovers from your opener your dodge starts to kick in (with side step if need be) and your BD damage picks up where assassin left off. Plus flash of steel, break free, dancing steel and cleanse soul give you amble CC protection to keep you in the fight and stay offensive while foul play and disengage give you 8 secs of usable stun when you are ready to go for the kill.

Casters are a bit tougher since you wont get your dodge buffs to kick in (unless they have a pet) but cloudy poison and weapon barrage will help alot and opening on a caster with:

paralyzing strike- keen strike--quick strike-foul play- deadly strike (with deadly dance)- dancing steel will put a serious hurt on them and have them backed into full defensive mode if not put into the graveyard.

The only thing i think the spec will have a harder time with is vs healers without a MS effect but at endgame I'm going on the assumption that healers will be basically unkillable 1v1 for most specs anyway and all i need is one MS class to help focus fire for taking out healers in WFs.