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Thread: Ranged rogue ?

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    Default Ranged rogue ?

    Howdy all,

    I want to play easymode ranged rogue to the max....so was going to play mm/range to start...and was wondering what class is going to fit in best with those two. I was considering bard for heals...or mebbe sab for more dps.

    No need to be top dps or best pvp er...I just want to be able to solo/group grind...not sure if I need the bard heals, if I have pet tank, and ok dps...

    Anyways, idea's would be appreciated. Looking forward to headstart

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    I'm going to add Riftstalker to that build since you're not as concerned with max DPS, looks like it has some get out of jail free cards. I'm concerned many people are going to roll bards, although that one really looks cool.
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