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Thread: Riftsalkers- Planeshift Tanking and You!

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    Default Riftsalkers- Planeshift Tanking and You!

    Today marks the first of my many blogs to come on Riftstalkers. This blog is just a basic overview of what it means to be a RS, some useful rotations and macros, specs. Math on one of the specs and overview of important abilities. This is the building block for my weekly blog which will be up later this week. Hope you may enjoy now sharpen your blades...pick your servers and enjoy some Rift Stalking.

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    Very informative. I fell in love with the class although I only got to play the beta on its last day. Saves me the trouble on fleshing out the rotation a bit on my own. Have to say though, personally, I was going to roll with a more mitigation based build for the early life of Rift, then avoidance as I hit the endgame. When we get to a certain point, I'll move into a more threat based as people's gear improves and your raid's dps'ers pump out more punishment.

    Oh, yea, your link is broken, but it was easy enough to find the trouble

    Very nice!

    Some other things to consider and theorycraft upon in a tanking guide (from elements I remember from tanking in other MMOs, and as Rift is relatively new to me, something that would help out beginning tank), do enemies have a base hit/miss percentage? What is the chance for an enemy to critically strike you with a physical/spell attack (hence the possible need to dip into the Bard soul for the crit chance reduction)?

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    Nice overview. It will be very helpful for those who are interested in the Riftstalker as a possible tank come release. However, you do have quite a bit of editing to do on the article which would greatly improve it's overall readability. Besides that, great job!

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    20 point into Blade and not getting 6% parry made me lol. Keep rocking man 12 years of experience are clearly showing there. While 6% damage reduction is extremely important buff according to you.(which it is btw you got that part right)

    6% parry - worthless
    6% damage - reduction reduction VERY important.


    OH while we at it your damage reduction calculation is of by ton, reread imp rift guard talent pls. It add .5 per point spent in RS. Which is the reason why 51 in RS is a must ( for a serious tank, and no perfect spec will not be required for most 5 mans espesialy if you are carried or overgear content) unless they change it. So how can you talk about how 51 in RS is not nessesary when you didnt even catch the key element of going 51 point into RS for a whoping 20% more DR on rift Guard...
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