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Thread: PvP Melee Rogue :)

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    Default PvP Melee Rogue :)

    Hi all, I was only aware of the beta for 3 days and loved what I played. As you may have guessed I played a Rogue. The PvP in Rift is awesome I rely enjoyed it.

    However I have a few questions regarding a "Spec" of souls for PvP
    My understanding of rogues is that they are there to disable, kill or harass healers in PvP and I have created a "spec" to do this with.


    I have am concerned that this "Spec" has a severe lack of defensive abilities which may gimp it.
    I created the spec in the mind set that I would have a healer available (As I PvP'd with a friend who was a cleric)

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the spec and issues it may have

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