Hey guys, I have a few questions I was hoping those who got to high/ max level in beta could help me with. I was playing around with the bard soul calc (didnt try bard in beta because its what I want to play live) to try and find a nice support build. I know the bard is mostly focused around buffing, which I enjoy, but I still want to do decent DPS (I know i wont keep up with pure dps specs and thats fine). This idea is mostly for dungeons, not solo play.

So basically I was wondering how far behind on dps is the bard at higher levels? And how complex is the bard rotation?

I know you can take CoFury and deafeaning music for a nice dps increase in the bard soul. But there is also a lot of motifs and codas to keep up as is. So, I was toying around with the idea of picking up the blood raptor / king of the jungle from ranger for added dps while still being able to keep a full rotation of buffs and heals. The only problem is you lose verse of vitality and a couple other decent abilities.

Has anyone tried this or perhaps worked out the numbers for why its a good / bad idea? Any feedback is welcome.

TL;DR - Would bard do more dps by picking up blood raptor from ranger soul, or maxing out bard dps talents with a few points in something like riftstalker?