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Thread: level 50 PvP spec

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    Default level 50 PvP spec


    I've been playing around on Zam's soul tree calculator, planing my level 50 PvP spec already. I'm going to probably be rolling with Assasin and Infiltrator. Came up with a few different specs.

    First one is Marksman/Assasin/Infiltrator


    Though this quite nice because of it has some decent ranged attacks, like deadeye shot and empowered shot. Decent mobility from hasty departure and on the double. Step into the shadows and slip away seem rather powerful to have both of them, excellent escape options too.

    Second one is Bladedancer/Assasin/Infiltrator


    Just the same as the first spec, except with bladedancer. With bladedancer, theres 5% dodge, side steps which is good against melees. Less mobility, but still has sprint. Nice having a ranged 10 sec interupt from weapon barrage and 5 sec silence on sucsessful interupts. Huge damage increase from blade finesse.

    Thanks for any comments/feedback, and would like to see what others will be going at 50.
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    Get Reprisal.

    Btw, Blade Finesse only increases damage from autoattacks, which is plain bad.

    Reprisal 1/1 , Blade Finesse 2/5, Ambidextrous 2/5
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