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Thread: Enduring Brew cool or not?

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    Default Enduring Brew cool or not?

    Hi, just a single question.
    Is it worth or not?
    I mean you heal yourself for 281 hp, but get a dot who will drain half of them in 12 sec. I couldnt test it in game. So i'm waiting for a feedback.

    Thanks, Lyden

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    if out of combat it is a huge net gain in hp due to out of combat hp regen, if in combat it is used right before you run away from someone (pvp) and then restealth allowing you to drink the rest away or whatever it is u do to gain hp. really a great oh **** button imo, ill def have it in my pvp spec even tho i wont be using any other assassin abilities besides stealth and foul play.

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