Ok, so, melee rogue for pvp. Bladedancer + Riftstalker, how many of you tried it? I LOVED it. With infiltrator I had 1 stun break on a 30 sec cd, and 1 on a 5min cd. The 30 sec cd stun break also removes snares and roots. In addition a charge that removes snares and roots, and roots the target. God I felt like a proper "Bladedancer" (as I imagine it) flying around the battlefield swinging my weapons

For those who haven't tried it, and are, maybe, a bit scared of all the reactive abilities. Trust me, its actually not that bad, and the damage is good with those rhythmic abilities (30 sec speed buff, 30 sec 30% damage buff, 30 sec of followup attacks making keen strike do double damage and critting, and later on even better rhythms).

I will be leveling with this specc, seeing as I will be grabbing the ability in riftstalker that heals me based on how many combo points I have left on my target. Also I won't really need the first mount at all :P