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Thread: My MM build. Please help

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    Default My MM build. Please help

    I got into the open beta just 2 days prior to it's end. However, I loved playing with MM class and have chosen it to be my main when headstart begins. Please take a look at this template and tell me what you think. I was going for the following:

    1. Speed and Mobility

    2. A pet to act as PvE tank and a PvP interrupt or Dot.

    3. An assload of single target damage.


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    For the MM tree

    static shots if you have the bleeds from AS its absolutely worthless trust me. The only thing its good for would be a 2nd target not the player or mob your trying to kill.

    Imp Repelling shot 2/2

    The first one is good, but if you have more than on player/mob you your going be running the other way. IMO its not worth 2 points

    Collateral damage 1/2

    You could use this point in other places


    Killer Instincts 3/3

    This effects 2 attacks that are some of your most useful you want them to crit as much as possible.

    Increased Firepower 5/5

    Same thing you want to do as much damage as possible, and this will help.

    Your going father than most into ranger, but if your going that far take the armor break skills, that mixed with "lightning furry" from the MM tree would be great for reducing peoples armor. Myself I would take the 5/5 out of doubleshot and put them into the armor break abilities, and something else.
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    I only got to 30 in open beta but I ran Marks/Ranger/Bard. Below is something I came up with without extensive testing.


    Marksman - I felt like 32 points was the maximum desirable point allocation because the lvl 38, 40, 44, and 51 abilities aren't worth it, although the 44 point ability, Fire and Forget, sounds pretty amazing with Rapid Fire shot & Doubleshot, but I don't know if its worth 12 more points of investment. I will eventually test it though

    Ranger/Infiltrator - This for me is not set in stone, but probably the first thing I will try. I opted for the +10% critical damage in Infiltrator over the greater razorbeast since at 22 I get the greater dire wolf. This also gives me Cleanse Soul in Infiltrator which is always a good ability to have no matter the MMO you're playing.

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