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Thread: Some questions from a novice Rogue...

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    Default Some questions from a novice Rogue...

    I've been playing a rogue in the last two betas doing mostly PVE, but I really got into PVP in this last beta and have been working on this spec:


    If its not optimal let me know, I can use some constructive criticism.

    My questions are:

    1. Whats the best opener from stealth?
    I've been thinking that Paralyzing Strike and follow up with Puncture

    2. Whats the best finisher to use in melee?
    Hit Poison Malice then Baneful Touch?

    3. Weapon types dont matter right?
    Though I think I'm going daggers only, faster application of poisons = more damage?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    I have only gotten to lvl 25 in this last beta, typically i open with paralyzing strike then puncture, once i have impale i would use that as the finisher, followed by backstab, then foul play few more back stabs then final blow. Try and keep puncture and impale up on your target 100%. I typically use poison malice when i have a melee on me since it does slight damage back to them and I wont be getting kited. As far as weapons go i started a thread ealier which has a few great responses http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...peeds-for-Sins and from what I can tell and I will have to test myself, that with weapon normalization, a faster weapon with the same dps as a slower weapon would be optimal for poison procs (do not take my word on that).


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