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Thread: Rogue Easy Leveling

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    Default Rogue Easy Leveling

    In beta 7 i was using this build for general questing/leveling and i managed to get to level 30 in just a few days, I'm looking for feedback and general things i could improve on.


    Main - Ranger ( The pet is a real godsend )
    Second - Assassin (Adds that beloved Crit and damage )
    Side - Bard (Cadence is the best skill in game imo, and those motif's for the extra damage)
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    personally, i will roll a ranger assassin riftstalker for release, i will start off as a ranger for release for the simple fact theres going to hundreds of people doing the same quests and trying to kill the same mobs so a rank class with instant range attacks will be a must, its a massive advantage on tagging your mobs and tagging other players.

    Once the numbers start to spread out i will go my assassin nightblade riftstalker build
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