This is my first Beta in rift, and I really didn't want to explore to much of the game. I wanted to figure out the starting quests, find a role that I am happy with, learn the crafting system, get a second role, and a new power to build it around. So its all done.

I started with a Bard for the early game. I tried a lot of different combos, however, I really think every build would benefit from 12 pts in bard. 10% extra hp, an ac buff, a hp buff, a self sow, a heal spell, some dmg avoidance and a ranged/melee attack/finisher. Thats a lot of survivability to toss into a build. I decided to go with 4 pts in nightblade, for stealth, and +12% to combo attacks. And then 0 pts in blade dancer for the dodge. I figure that is a role I don't need to respec. I'll probably take it all the way to 51 bard/15 nightblade since the two classes have so much synergy.

I haven't really thought out my second role. I went with riftblade, since I already had bard/blade dancer. For a tanking build, that seems like the way to go. My toon is also about to be wiped, so it really doesn't matter. I just wanted to have a second role for now so I could see how the whole swap powers work. I'll have to spend the next few days planning out my second role. I think perhaps a good ranged build would be more useful. In that case I might just grab ranger as a 0 pt skill, and then learn mm for my second role. Ranged dps seems better than melee in these rift encounters. And I'll probably be spending a lot of time in them. And having a spammable ranged attack would be kind of nice for bard as well. Cadence is allright with that heal, however, it seems a bit slow on dps.