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Thread: Ranger leveling strat

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    Default Ranger leveling strat

    I've played mostly with Bard and Sabatuer (and a little riftstalker) for beta but I figure ranger/marksman leveling seems like it would the best for solo questing. I haven't had the time before end of beta to really experiment and compare damage output/safety/speed.

    It seems like there would be 2 'main' strategies for this, which have, you that have tried them, found to be more effective.

    DPS pet + rogue hold aggro and kite using crippling shot/Swift shot/hasted shot/adhesive bomb and repelling shot

    Tank Pet+ rogue use DPS shots such as shadow fire, splinter shot, empowered shot and headshot.

    I realize situations will call for both (kite on stuff your pet can't tank, dont kite on areas with lots of mobs) but whats your 'goto' strat?
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    --Tank Pet+ rogue use DPS shots such as shadow fire, splinter shot, empowered shot and headshot.--

    Kill speed seems about the same. Kiting your not auto attacking and trying to avoid pulling to many mobs. I would go with the tank and pet HoT for quick smooth leveling.

    Though I think im gana do sab to lvl . Just will be more fun for me. Silent set up mob starts at half health trap/land mine them, dead before it gets to you. I will either have a pet or BD for aoe pulls.
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