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Thread: 32 NB/26 MM/8 Assassin

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    Default 32 NB/26 MM/8 Assassin

    I consider this build my "cleric killer"


    Can put -50% healing debuff on a cleric from 35 meters away via Fell Blades.

    Also has the following procs:

    20% chance to damage enemy and debuff healing (Fell Blades which I listed above)

    20% chance to put a DoT on enemy which stacks up to 5 times and explodes for more damage once it gets maximum stacks (Smoldering Blades)

    Puts Serrated Blades DoT on enemy upon any critical strike and stacks up to 3 times.

    Key skills:

    +15% damage to starters

    +45% damage to finishers

    +39-49% damage increase to weapon enchantment damage

    Scourge of Darkness - Next 10 weapon attacks do 43 extra death damage

    Dusk to Dawn - 31 point Night Blade ability

    There are obviously things I am leaving off but you get the picture by now. I don't think there is ANY cleric that can heal through that amount of sustained damage with a 50% decrease to healing.
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    well done, and all at ranged!! this will be very useful when push comes to shove in warfronts with too many clerics

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