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Thread: What soul with sab?

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    Default What soul with sab?

    Can someone give a few ideas on what souls to best pair with sab, mainly for PvP?

    I assume it might be good to stealth behind the enemy in some bushes them hit the detonate, or is it better to TP around just the same?

    Is it better to support the Sab abilities with melee or with range?

    Can the bard soul let you heal yourself or is it not practical?

    If you've spent some time PvP'ing with a Sab main, please add your thought, I want experienced ideas rather than theory...



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    MM if you want more options to kite. You get a 2nd root, runspeed, CC break/immunity, and deadeye shot to follow up on one of your charge rotations. Riftstalker for added defense/hp and plane shifting. Either way also go a little into nightblade for a 3rd to boost your charge damage by 15% and also get the ability to ranged-sap from stealth, and do a full point opener before the target can respond.
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