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Thread: Bored and the calculator is near me!!

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    Default Bored and the calculator is near me!!

    I am just toiling around with some builds, what's the opinion on this for a solo Marks pvp build.


    Still get all the key talents in Marks, the damage bonus talents from Nightblade, and more HP, and defense from Rift.

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    Looks somewhat solid, RS is the best secondary/tertiary soul we have as rogues, with that said I would take the points out of Rift Barrier, unless you plan on getting Improved Rift Barrier, Exceptional Resillience would be a good substitute.

    And, if it were my build, I would drop NB and go for Ranger..either that or Assassin.. preferably Ranger

    Lastly, you mention "solo" PVP..I would assume Bard would have to be a must as Secondary/tertiary soul but that's just my 2c

    *edit* I just realized you went 3/3 for Boosted Recovery in the RS tree..yet you aren't subbed as a Bard and again, you mentioned 'solo' PVP..those points don't add up
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