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Thread: Bard\MM|Bladedancer

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    Default Bard\MM|Bladedancer

    Is this a viable combo?


    I have been searching online and haven' found any info for this combo.
    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    It depends entirely upon how far you want to go within each tree. Which are you planning to concentrate on? Do you plan on being ranged? Do you plan on being mainly bard with some in others?

    Also, do you want a build more PVE oriented? Or PVP? It appears to me, that the build is centered more around ranged damage which, in that case, makes the blade dancer somewhat less valuable as opposed to other trees. Bard is also somewhat viable but can be replaced by another, better, tree. In all honesty, you could go this build but the synergy is limited if not non-existent. It's all up to you in the end. I made a test build based around ranged http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1McfV.V.EGtRqdAudR.VV which is more centered around PVE soloing but, as I said, the synergy is limited as bard and blade dancer give very little to tack onto the marksman build.

    If, instead, you replaced MM with Ranger, you could create a more viable build centered around solo pve. http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1M...Vh.EidAzsoRhdz
    It gives a more tank-based build, but should give more than enough survivability to get through the levels. The only problem would be damage output, which would be limited without the application of yet another tree in place of ranger since it is, honestly, not the most important tree in that build.
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    Honestly that combo just doesn't synergize very well, at least for PvP.

    If you go full Bard then the only reason I see for going into Bladedancer is the 5% hit and 5% dodge and sprint. Nothing else really helps you because BD is physical melee and Bard is non-physical ranged. And then buffing your MM moves won't help much because you'll be using Cadence to heal.

    If you go full Bladedancer, then the only reason to go into MM is to get the movement speed increasing effects that let you catch up to people running away, but BD is so anti-melee that you probably don't need them, unless you really REALLY hate rangers. This set-up works much better with Sin/MM, and even then is kind of iffy in non-world pvp/ganking. BD with Bard might work, but the only thing you'll likely be providing is a bit stronger buffs because you won't be healing so the top of the tree won't help at all.

    If you go Full Marksman, then the only options I see for BD are 5% hit, 50% autoattack damage, and 15% dex (which you can also get for T1 sabo) in order to get you up the tree for Blade Tempo, Combat Efficiency, and Combat Culmination (don't even know how much those would help) a really nice mid-range silence, possibly sprint, however you already have a sprint on a 30 sec CD from the MM tree that breaks roots. And again, Bard with full MM just seems like you'll only bring buffs, which you'll probably already have from other full-support bards anyways.

    If you go like 20 pts into all or whatever you'll be the definition of jack-of-all-trades, and you'll probably suck at everything and not be able to kill anything.

    At the end of the day there just seems to be better combination for what you want to do. For soloing it would probably work, but then again pretty much everything can work for soloing.

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