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Thread: Bard damage mechanic and synergy between souls

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    Default Bard damage mechanic and synergy between souls

    I'm new so I could be completely wrong, but the Bard damage doesn't seem to be "melle" or "ranged" as far as other souls boosting Bard ability damage. I read that Attack Power boosts Bard damage (& healing), but that really limits the choices for souls that mesh well with it. Nightblade & Ranger are the two souls the game recommends to go with Bard but the Ranger soul seems mostly for a pet and does very little, if anything at all, to boost bard skill damage. Nightblade & Riftstalker mesh well with a Melle Bard, but choices are slim for a Ranged Bard.
    I was wondering if Bards suffer the most from the lack of souls that mesh well with it (due to it's damage mechanic), or if other classes have this problem too? Seems like some small tweaks to Marksman would give Bards an actual Ranged choice. The changes could be fairly minor like the skill that increases the Marksman range could work on Bard skills to. Something like that, so you don't feel like you are wasting points just to get a ranged CC ability.
    Please don't respond if you are going to tell me that Bards are JUST support characters, because the whole point of mixing souls is to give the player choices as to how they want to play.

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    It gonna be very hard to make Bard an offensive ranged powerhouse.

    Mixed with Nightblade, it's pretty fun, and can dish out decent damage (I emphazis on "decent").

    Bard deals non physical damages (life) and NB has tons of things to boost that.


    The only real thing I'd like, is that bard's damaging abilities activate weapon enchants, or other passives like assassin's serrated blade on a crit (I don't know if it works), or like you said, marksman ranges boost working on cadence &co.

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