Alright so I've done a lot of playing around with Riftstalker both as a main and sub tree during the last 3 beta events and although they're really cool and a nice gameplay addition, something about them just feels wrong while actually using them. They're supposed to make you more mobile and swift, but the global cooldown it triggers is sometimes even detrimental to that cause.

As a Riftstalker tank relying on shifting to keep the buffs up (cool mechanic) I find the GCD to sometimes get me killed instead of saving me. For example, I time them to keep buffs up as I should, but this sometimes leads to me not getting my shield up again because of the GCD it causes. There are more situations like this, such as spell interrupts that need to be done. It just feels like you're being punished by the shifting instead of rewarded for using it correctly (which isn't even that easy depending on the shifting ability).

As a Riftstalker sub tree, for example in the case of an Assassin or Nighblade trying to use the shifting to either get closer during stealth or to catch up on someone, the GCD is even more crippling. If you use it to approach the target while stealthed, they WILL see you in that 1 second GCD after the shift completes and they might get you out of stealth even before you get your stun off. This has happened to me on many, many occassions. When catching up to someone during a fight the shifting only makes sense if it includes a root or something, which is basically a ****ty work around for it.

I suggest that the Shifting is ON the GCD, as in, you can't use it if you just used another ability but it shouldn't TRIGGER a GCD of its own so abilities can flow smoothly after the shift.

I also cross posted this on the beta rogue forum, not sure what the difference is supposed to be between those two forums. I assume one will become redundant very soon.