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Thread: Cookie Cutter End game Marksman Pvp Builds.

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    Default Cookie Cutter End game Marksman Pvp Builds.

    Hands down this will probably be "The" best few marksman builds end game. I do play wow and have done my research. I've been rank 1 in the world before on my hunter Jhazy. Play style is relatively the same with more abilities. I looked at abilities and this seems to be the best builds I could come up with. Feel free to give feed back.

    All Differences listed below are only differences between the specs. Please check out the spec. All marksman specs are the same while the other 2 side Souls change slightly.

    :::Build for players who pvp and pve with the same build. Has a pet, Extra damage, Extra mitigation, Extra Attack power buff. no Stealth or Vanish. + Crippling Shot from Ranger. Still not sure on pet scaling so I'm this build will be exactly as good as it could be.
    Marks/Ranger/Infiltrator (Build with pet for pet lovers.)

    ~~Pro's: (Has a pet)Good damage, Extra Mitigation. Extra attack power buff. + Crippling shot (ranger)
    ~~Cons: (Has a pet)No stealth (Camo/Infiltrator tree) No vanish. (Step into the Shadows/SitS) Not as good escaping ability.

    :::Build for Ganking, Random World, 1v1's, Small group pvp. Good damage+ Stealth and Vanish. Little to no, slowing ability
    Marks/Rift stalker/Infiltrator (No pet)

    ~~Pro's: Good escaping ability Extra Endurance, Good damage. Stealth, Vanish.
    ~~Con's: No slowing ability, No pet, Not as good in group compared to the other 2 specs.

    :::Build for Large Scale group pvp. 10+ group. Aoe slow for kiting multiple people or slowing multiple people. Largest damage boost from flat +15% Dex. Stealth and Vanish abilities. (Recommended for Most pvp and my personal favorite.)
    Marksman/Sab/Infiltrator (No pet)

    ~~Pro's: AoE Slow on a short cool down. Highest damage (I think) of all specs. Stealth, Vanish An extra AoE attack.
    ~~Con's: No pet. No extra health, No extra attack power buff (but extra damage still comes from flat 15%+ dex)

    Overall I think ^ spec is the best. Don't have to manage a pet. If it dies in pvp you have to wait forever to get it back. Big downfall. And still having slowing ability while doing super good damage is my favorite, but they are all there for everyone's testing and likes/dislikes. Enjoy!
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    Hey man, good information here, I would be interested to see what your opinions are on PvP and PvE in guilds and things like that. I hope to discuss the advantages of Bladedancer with you, I really think it is awesome and definitely know where the strong points are here as far as the soul tree is concerned. You already obviously know how character builds and stuff work so I won't comment on that, but thank you immediately for the links and stuff given here.

    Thanks for taking the time to amass this information for us and all that. Do please continue giving us the information on how you think Assassin is working, I am using it on my Rogue right now and I am finding that it is rewarding and very high in DPS, I can kill off some of the NPC's really quickly.

    Do you have a guild for Rift yet, if not, would you consider joining mine? I want to get things rolling on that, I'm not missing a beat or minute with this game and I want to get into this maybe to the hardcore extent, right now it's just going to be somewhat casual, but I can definitely make commitments to be places. Let's talk about this more later and I am very interested to see where this leads.

    Thanks in advance for collaboration and all of that that will happen with this.

    The Duke is out.

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    You forgot mm/nb/assasin if we are talking cookie cutter
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    TBH I'm not a huge fan of any of these builds. Not saying that they can't be viable, but they definitely aren't what I would do.

    First off, I'm extremely opposed to PvE/PvP hybrid builds. If you have a PvE build that can hold it's own in PvP, or the other way around, that's great. But don't design for both. You have four roles and it's a few second cast to switch. Sticking Infiltrator in a build that's going to be doing PvE is a waste of, in this case, 15 points. Past level 30 you need at least 24 points in Ranger for Greater Razorbeast.

    I don't think going past 32 makes a ton of sense for Marksman. Yeah Retreat is cool, but you have plenty of kiting ability without it. I just think those 8 points would get you more PvP benefit spent in other souls. Maybe 34 or 36, but not 40. That's my opinion.

    Also, it seems as if the general consensus is that Master Archer is not worth the investment. I'd go Increased Fire Power. Also don't think Improved Repelling Shot is worth it. But it's situational. If you find yourself with three melees in your face all the time, then sure. Crossfire is also good for those situations, which you don't have. It's only 1 pt, grab it.

    I like Saboteur as a tertiary soul in a lot of builds. I know a lot of people just take it to 5 for the 15% Dex, but I think a Marksman can really benefit from going 10-12 points here. Gets your adhesive bomb at a good kiting range and reduces the cooldown, so you can have someone 70% snared 8 out of every 10 seconds. In addition, Combat Survival is a huge 50% reduction on CC.

    Finally, I think Marksman is about throwing down some good DPS on opportunity targets. Damage is key. If you're going to be taking Infiltrator, I think you're going up the wrong tree. 10% AP, 10% physical damage, 10% crit damage, and build up to 20% bonus damage from successive attacks? That's huge. Yeah, the tree you are using has some great CC mitigation for kiting, but I think Marksman has enough stuff on its own to be able to handle most of that.

    I think you could succeed in some cases with these builds, but again, these aren't what I would do.

    This is what I'm currently thinking for World PvP: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...0VMft0boz.E00b
    This is more of a Warfront Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...dk.xx0R0f.E00b

    Not perfect, but those are my thoughts right now.

    Thanks for putting up these builds. Who knows, they might be just what someone needs.

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