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Thread: NB PvP question

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    Default NB PvP question

    I know the 1st rule but could some of you good NB PvPers tell me what combo/ attach chain you use from stealth? Is there an attack you use more than another? Do you guys even bother with primal strike?

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    I just made a nightblade main soul yesterday, and I was using primal strike if I were in melee range of my target. Then I would use fiery spike if I couldn't get to melee range. I'm kind of confused why primal strike does physical damage anyway..but I wasn't sure if it was worth using mainly because I would waste the potential of 3/3 unstable state. *shrug*

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    Default Little Nb experience

    Heyas, I played bard/ranger/sab up to level 18 and had alot of fun in pvp so far however I recently switched to this build heavy in RS with a little Nb. http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0Mpi_.VckGzoz.V0z.

    I used the RS for more surviveability and totally had a blast in the Gardens pvping last night. I started out level 15 and got a level or two pvping and doing a rift or two and a few quests.

    I don't have alot of answers on the best way to play rouges as of yet but I have tried Marksmen/Assasin/Bard/Ranger builds and so far I found the Riftstalker to my liking and has the best survivability at these levels (18).

    So to answer your gameplay questions on what attacks and abilities to use I found this setup pretty good.

    I buffed my toon with Planebound resilence, Stalker Phase, Hellfire blades then would stealth in and look for soft targets standing in a spot not moving around.

    By soft target I mean a clothie if possible. I would then open up with Ebon Terror phantom blow and planar strike until I had 5 combo points. I could usually take someone offguard and down a significant amount of health at that point maby 30-40% if I crit.

    Then hopefully and it happened alot my target would turn and try to run. Big mistake, I spammed Fiery Spike and used Shadow Assault and Shadow Stalk to close the distance while using Fiery Spike.

    By that time I got in another crit or two and the fight was over.

    Now by all means I'm not saying this is a great setup or even will work all the time but of all the builds and setups I have tried this seemed to fit my playstyle and my abilities using a keyboard and mouse lol.

    I did run into a few problems getting snared and turning/strafing to fight warriors and a few really good Marksmen setups destroyed me from range.

    But that's to be expected as I'm still learning all of the rouge options. Also don't forget healing 6% of your health after a killing blow is awesome when someone comes running over to help their buddy out and suddenly it looks like you got a major heal.

    I just keep forgetting to max out my combo points before I finish my target off in pvp. It gets hectic and I find combat is pretty fast paced which I like.

    I'm sure there are flaws with my build and playstyle but I've noticed a big part of this game is understanding what abilites a class has and what they can do, and using those abilities to your advantage.

    I got crushed by a few good warrior types and ranged as I mentioned above and some healers I just laughed and ran away and restealthed because I lterally did not move their health bar.

    But that was because I engaged them in combat not from stealth with any good openers and they just outhealed my crappy damage lol.

    I don't have blue weapons or anytyhing just a few green pieces of gear but I know I would have made more of an impact with better gear. But this is open beta with char wipes so not getting attached to this toon just yet.

    I hope any of my experience helps you decide what to play and find your own playstyle.

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