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Thread: Help! NB or Bard for 3rd soul

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    Default Help! NB or Bard for 3rd soul

    Ok so i keep rolling this over and over in my head but need feedback b4 early start next week.
    What do i pick for my 3rd soul for my RS/BD/?. Bard or Nightblade. I plan on rolling on a pvp server. I know bards have some good support for tanking but are nightblades able to help at all in that regard? I basically want to have a 3rd soul that I can pump up for when i wanna go kill some people but i dont want it to be COMPLETELY useless when i wanna do some pve. Oh as a side note i dont plan to be a MT in endgame just OT. PLEASE help me decide, the clock is tickin for early start.

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    Don't go too nuts thinking over your third soul.

    For only 50 gold or so you can purchase a second role. I been mixing it up often. I have 1 role set for healing/support as bard and my other role is sab for damage etc.

    We all eventually will have 4 roles to mix it up.

    I definitely will focus on having 3 roles to play as at end game. Support, Damage, and tanking.

    You can drive yourself crazy not knowing what is the perfect setup, but never forget you can try stuff out yourself and if you don't like the setup just reset and mix up differently.

    I noticed lately in Alpha they are constantly changing abilities etc. so nobody really knows the perfect setup yet.

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