This was originally posted under the Kelari but I decided to revise and move it.

So I am trying to somewhat amass ideas on what would be good in PvE as well as PvP and have come up with this combination of hard-hitting power. Good dexterity means that I am moving quickly all the time and that I will be moving around the battlefield a lot, which to me is a good thing. Also, powerful attacks followed with combos into more finishing moves has become pretty key here in the beginning.

Word of advice that you will need a lot of DPS, somebody has to say it, right?

Obviously the key to the beginning of the game is leveling and finishing quests quickly and efficiently. Figuring out the controls is a breeze if you have played MMORPG's in the past and I have enjoyed the effortless leveling system installed here in Rift so far.

Please ask questions, and if you have comments or concerns, I know I am not the most authority on the topic right now, but I am catching up and gathering information to share with all of you.

I hope to correspond with a few of you soon, until then gentlemen (and ladies).

The Duke