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Thread: bard/ranger solo questions!

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    Default bard/ranger solo questions!

    I never really tried this but is a mix of bard and ranger viable for lvling solo ? I'm mostly looking at this


    So my two questions are, is it solo viable, and will the support options neet me good contribution to rifts ?

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    Last beta I was bard main spec with ranger off spec.
    I used the pig for a pocket tank and it was awesome some of the stuff I got into and lived through.

    I got up to lvl 20.

    I understand the pig drops off in power after lvl 30 though so you will begin to have less use out of it in the later levels.
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    On alpha servers I used Ranger till about 20 and then stopped summoning the pig. and just used my cadence + motif of regen and the +30% healing to self from the Riftstalking to plow through to 47. If you really want the ranger aspect of the build to be your main then you need to get it to 24 in points so you can upgrade the pig. The first one stops leveling at 30.

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