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Thread: Backstab vs. other builders

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    Default Backstab vs. other builders

    I have been looking at combinations to boost Backstab to its maximum but I'm worndering if it's worth it since it requires so many points in Assassin and it's a positional attack.

    Blade Dancer: Deadly Dance
    Nightblade: Blazing Fury
    Assassin: Advanced Flanking

    That essentially forces you into Asn/NB/BD which costs you survivability options like Riftstalker.

    How does Backstab compare to other builders that I can enhance with Deadly Dance, like Blade Dancer's Keen + Quick/Precise, Savage Strike + 10% crit talent, or Fiery Strike + 9% non-physical dmg to name a few?
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    What kind of build are you searching for? I have thought through about a Raid assassin build, that focuses on enhancements, procs on crtical as well as a consistant stream of damage through bleeds.


    It isn't a positional build, allows more flexibility on that part without sacrificing damage.
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