Hey guys,

I'm pretty set on going with a Ranger / Assassin mainly for PvE levelling. But will also be using this in PvP warfronts from time to time.

Assassin (8 pts)
- 2 poisons
- Serrated Blades
- +5% crit

I'm having difficulty choosing the 3rd soul. Planning to put 10 points into this soul. I've filtered this down to 3 souls and listed out the benefits of each.

1) Nightblade
- +15% damage

2) Marksman
- +5 range
- +25% Attack Power for 10s on crits

3) Bard
- Cadence Heal
- +Attack Power (Motif)
- +Endo buff
- +5% Crit (Motif)
- +15% Movement Speed (out of combat)

I'm leaning towards the Bard here for more utility, but the Nightblade +15% damage just feels hard to pass up. Anyone with thoughts on this?

Btw, I've tried a Marksman main to higher levels and am quite bored with it, so am quite set on the Ranger as main.