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Thread: Ranger beta 7

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    Default Ranger beta 7


    * Ranger pets now inherit 25% of their owner's crit rating, so pets crit more often. Their base damage has been reduced accordingly.
    * Piercing Shot: The armor value debuff has been increased.
    * Opportunity: Now only works with ranged weapon finishers, like Head Shot and Deadeye Shot [Marksman]. Will not work with finishers like Detonate, Flame Thrust, or Coda of Wrath."

    Thats great that pets will get a crit increase but a decrease in the norm dmg is going to hurt if anything they should increase the dmg also the armor

    Cant wait to see the new improved Piecing shot as i use it for my opener =^.^=

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    ZAM updated its soul builders so Piercing shot should be the new one.

    Edit: +crit on pets might be okay because there are procs from pet crits.
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