I'm thinking of taking this build as I level up to, and as a fresh level 50, as well as for open world PVP. The goal is single target burst DPS, using MAR.


That gets us 10% crit from talents alone, as well as 20% more crit damage, a bleed effect and 2 buffs that proc from critting. It also increases Deadeye/Empowered crit chance. Also get misc buffs like predatory instincts and poisons. And a pet if you're into that sort of thing.

I think group damage would be quite good, maybe a bit low in AE situations however. The big benefit is in open world PVP, it has enough utility in the form of a ranged and melee snare, melee stun, and ranged knockback/root, as well as stealth and sap and a snare-free sprint. The idea would be to blow coolodowns (which this build has a lot of) and burn the player before they wear off.