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Thread: Need opinion on ***/RS/NB PvP Build

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    Default Need opinion on ***/RS/NB PvP Build

    Hello out there you sneaky bast*rds.

    I have played rogue on WoW for PvP and I loved it, well, time for a change to Rift and I decided to research a build that looks similar to WoW's Sub rogue, then I came up with this (That looks even better lol)


    From assassin, somehting in the lines of Bleeing the enemy out and focusing on attacking fro behind (backstab) plus combination of stun lock.
    From RS I focused on 'Shadowsteps' till get stalker phase. Plus I spend 1 point on Rift Guard for those oh sh*t situation
    Finally, from NB, got Dark Malady and Ranged attacks.

    Thing is that I didnt PvP too much on last betas, so I would like to hear your opinions on it, May it work?

    PS.: Does Incapacitate and Lost Hope works together on 2 diferent targets?

    Thanks in advance

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    This build has only one CC breaking ability right? The 14 point skill from Riftstalker

    Do you think that's an issue?

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