Was playing around with a PVP healing build for a bard, will test it out with the next beta as much as I can till release (yes I know its a lvl 50 build but at the end that is what I will proberly aim for. I went with as much off tree passive buffs as i could and took Rift Guard over Rift Barrier due to the Phase shifting requirement.
I'm also not sure how viable the IMP Anthem of Competence would be (allows use of the speed buff in combat)
As this build stands from the off trees:
RiftStalker ---
20% Inc AC
15% Inc Endurance
30% Inc self healing
-30% Damage after being crit
The Improved Rift Guard ability. The passive tree skill gains I like are Shadow Shift- 15m "blink ability" to escape melee, Planebound resilience for a further +5 endurance and Guardian Phase for on use AC/Endurance and Resistance buffs.


only a few points left to allocate here I gain
5% passive dodge
and a 50% dodge CD

Any constructive comments welcome