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Thread: Assassin/Sab/RS PVP build

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    Default Assassin/Sab/RS PVP build


    My Rift level 50 spec + pvp strategy. (Sab 8/ Assassin 44 / Riftstalker 14)

    (Basically feral kitty bleeds + ranged bleeds + ranged nuke + blink + vanish + tons of cc's)

    Strategy on a DPS/healer (not trying to stunlock):

    .5- Hidden Veil -> 15 seconds of unbreakable stealth ftw....
    1-Incapacitate (sap) healer/others around
    2-Expose weakness -> Doesn't break stealth, additional bleed damage per tick
    3-Assassinate -> Stealth opener = +3 combo points (with subterfuge)
    4-Paralyzing strike -> 4 second stun = +3 combo points (with subterfuge)
    5-Baneful Touch -> Increases poison damage by 50% (similar to savage roar)
    6-Poison Malice -> Increase poison damage by 100% + thorns effect for 15 secs
    7-Jagged strike -> Quick bleed = +3 combo points (with subterfuge)
    8- Puncture -> Full armor pen bleed =+2 combo points
    9- Impale -> Bleed finisher (basically Rift version of Rip)
    (now for the funny stuff)
    10- Malicious strike -> reduce movement speed by 70%
    11- Shadow Shift (blink) -> teleport away while they are slowed
    12- Spike/Blast charge -> throw bombs that stack as either another big bleed or a finisher if they are low on health.
    13- Shadowstalk (basically feral charge) -> Blink behind them and a nice 15% crit buff.
    14- Basically repeat -> keep bleeds up + backstab spam
    15- Vanish/repeat if needed

    I will also incorporate foul play as needed. If do not need the extra range on my Saboteur bombs I will shift 2 points from Remote Clipping over to Improved Blast charge for more finish damage.

    CC's + Stuns + Utility:
    Hidden Veil - 15 seconds of stealthing after damage
    Adhesive bomb - basically throwable AOE slow
    Incapacitate - Sap
    Paralyzing strike - 4 sec stun
    Poison Gas - Basically an AoE blind
    Slip Away - Vanish
    Silent footsteps - faster stealth movement/less detectability
    Improved stealth - infinite stealthing
    Shadow Shift - blink
    Shadow Stalk - blink behind target. remove roots, stuns, snares
    Foul Play - Stun (exactly like HoJ)

    (Please excuse the wow references, I posted this to a bunch of wow friends for review) (And, yes, I play a feral kitty in WoW. That is probably one of the reasons I am so excited for Rift (feral is ruined ATM))
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